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L5 is a unique studio offering one-stop-shop architecture, interior design, acquisitions and import services.

L5 was established in 2009. I hold a degree in architectural engineering

and interior design.

L5 offers professional consultancy and follow-through services on planning and design for commercial projects, private homes, hotels in Israel

and abroad.



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I firmly believe in dialogue, understanding needs, functionality, and esthetics. I am highly skilled at translating client needs into uncompromising, practical planning.

Design elements comply with client requirements.

By importing products from diverse manufacturers worldwide, you get to breathe easy knowing that your structure’s planning and finish are of uncompromising quality. We import the highest quality materials and final products.

Liat is responsible for planning and close supervision of your project.

I am uniquely specialized and experienced in understanding the myriad aspects of finishing and assimilating them into the space.




My guiding principle is attention to details. Even the smallest details are of importance in moving from concept to reality for the entrepreneur, the client, and the spaces manifesting the stylistic language.

I am inspired by my clients. I am passionate about seeing my clients pleased, passionate about the creative and planning processes, passionate about watching a total reality come into being.

My base line is that in-depth careful planning at the outset allows the client a better understanding of the final outcome. Planning is presented with simulations which demonstrate spatial proportions and the stylistic image.

I am uniquely specialized and experienced in understanding the myriad aspects of finishing and assimilating them into the space.

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Why work with Liat? Because she was instantly able to connect to our very different concept for the home we purchased, Greek Mediterranean, so ‘other’ to the currently modern styles. We interviewed several architects and designers but Liat was the only one who totally understood us. We clicked right away.

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Liat was able to link to our dream immediately and turn it into a reality. She drew up plans, she demonstrated them with stunning simulations… the highly complex renovation was carried out professionally, without compromise, with creative solutions any time a problem surfaced, as happens with makeovers. She is confident, creative, and highly talented.

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ArtPro works with the foremost architects and designers in the country. Liat is one of the more creative people in the business with whom I've had the privilege of working. Liat’s creative, skilled, talented, devoted, loyal and dependable. She quickly understands what the client wants, and her proposals are always exciting. Working with Liat isn’t just work, it’s also a whole lot of fun.

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Great energy, great vibes, great professionalism. That’s what Liat brought, getting everyone harnessed to bring the final product to fruition. Always with a ready smile, always pleasant and calm. The experience of realizing our dream was magical, especially because of Liat’s dependable way of getting the job done.

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About 2 years ago we bought a private home in Yavneh. Thinking ourselves smart, we decided to redo the house ourselves. We quickly discovered the vast and confusing world of choices: colors, flooring, bathroom accessories, lighting, kitchens… and at some point realized we’d stepped into shoes that were way too big for us. We met with Liat… in addition to being an amazing person, we also discovered a real professional with excellent taste, able to flow with our ideas, creative like no one else we’d met. Liat quickly understood our personal style and taste and immediately connected us to the right places and directions while bringing into the project experts in the many areas needed that brought our vision into reality. A huge thank you from us! We’re looking forward to our next joint project! Love from Gil and Ravit Tzarom.

דירה נאה

Liat ensures that clients receive sketches showing frontal and 3D views of the structure and the internal spaces. Liat ensures that clients are offered the very latest word in architectural and interior design, from fabrics to furnishings, lighting to paint, and more. Liat closely follows through with select, highest quality suppliers in the market on every aspect of purchasing furniture, choosing doors and shades of paint, lighting and accessories, kitchen outfitting, ceramics and sanitary accessories, and presenting plans to contractors. Clients working with Liat are walked through the planning stages, and the projects’ final visuals.




   +972 54 4512776

   4 Pinhas Street, Yaffo  




Su-Th: 10:00-19:00

 Fr: 10:00-14:00




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